Calibration labs all want to be a one stop shop. However, repairs end up costing them time and money. Are your highly skilled calibration technicians wasting their valuable time attempting repairs? Most calibration labs are not set up for complex repairs. Typically, parts are hard to find and necessary information is nearly impossible to find.

   After your technician has spent numerous nonproductive hours in vain, someone else has the task of trying to find a source to send the equipment to. Maybe they fix it, maybe they don't. Either way you pay. Many companies generate income by charging you an evaluation fee even if they are unable to fix your equipment.

   Instrumentation Repair Services are not in competition with calibration labs. We are the solution to their repair needs. We are not a calibration lab and never intend to be. We deal directly with you to take care of your repair needs. If you wish, we can stay completely anonymous to your customer. We specialize in repair only. When you receive any piece of equipment that needs repair it takes only one phone call to IR Services and we will handle the rest.

IR Services Inc.

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