Instrumentation Repair Services wants to be the only company you think of when you have an instrument that needs repaired. When we receive the unit we investigate to see if it is under any kind of manufacturer's warranty. If it is, we will outsource it for you. If it is not, we evaluate the age and condition of the equipment to determine if it is economical for you to repair. If we believe it is not we will offer replacement options. If we can fix it economically you typically will receive a quote for the repair within 2 business days. Once your approval is received, our highly skilled technicians will not only repair what is broken but thoroughly inspect the unit for issues that may cause problems in the future. After many years of troubleshooting to component level, we know the trouble areas. After repair, we perform a complete verification check. If you would like it calibrated we will either hand deliver it to a local certified calibration lab or we will ship it to any cal lab you prefer. Remember one phone call to us is all it takes.




 We are set up to handle all your power supply needs. Our qualified technicians have been working on supplies of all kinds for over 25 years. Do not replace your old supplies; refurbish them. You will get many more reliable years of service out of them.

AGILENT 34970 A 

Is your 34970 A powering up with errors? Don't replace it, fix it.


 Is your 3325 A/B failing calibration? We have the fix. There is still a lot of life left in them.

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